Letter From 13 Year Old About Surviving the Apocalypse

Dear Mr.Apocalypseguide

I was wondering, HOW DO I SURVIVE. You see, i’m 13. This gives me no chance to buy guns, stockpile food, or build a cabin somewhere in the rockies. However, heres some stuff I do have: My parents have a taser and a pistol with two clips, each like 10 bullets each. The bullets are fragmentation, meaning they explode inside someone, tearing their vital organs to shreds. My Mom is an organic nut, so we have a ton of healthy, yet good tasting, food that, like, never spoils. We live in a quiet suburb community thing about a mile or so from Johnson City, TN. We also have tons of knives, golf clubs, and my dad has a really tough motorcycle suit, which is all leather. He also has plenty of motorcycle helmets to spare, so at least we have head protection. We also have three fishing rods, lots of bait and crap, and we live a few minutes away from a giant lake with fish. We have two useless sports cars, but also a giant Tank-Van-Jeep thing. Also the lake goes on for miles and eventually connects with other towns, and we have a canoe. Plus, my Dads a surgeon-doctor guy. Plus, post-apocalypse, we can head to my grandparents house which is an hour away. They live in the woods, in a two-story log cabin, with lots of tools, and they have more fishing poles and bait, and a pond full of fish, and a garden, and LOTS of guns, to be specific, 4 pistols, one of which is a Colt. Revolver, a double-barreled shotgun, a US Army springfield rifle, some rifles with silencers, tons of ammo, and I mean tons, and they also have a sword and a machete. And back at my house, we also have a pressure washer, which on high setting, will really mess you up or kill you, so its like a cannon. So I was wondering if you could email me or do an article on your website about what I should do. Plus, if everyone else is dead afterwards and I need to repopulate the world, theirs this hot 14 year old girl up the street thats about as tall as me. So yeah, what should my survival strategy be?

13 year old boy.

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ApocalypseGuide had written 112 articles for How to Survive The Apocalypse

47 Responses to "Letter From 13 Year Old About Surviving the Apocalypse"
  1. Caleb May 25, 2010 00:13 am

    You’ve got everything you need, kid.

    Just remember to get some duffel bags. Duffel bags are heavy (Especially when packed) but they are very durable and you can hold tons of food, clothing, and equipment in there. They might come in handy for you.
    Also, you should buy a Bible. That will get you through the rough days, and it will help you enjoy life more, even after an apocalypse.
    Thats about it. Good luck!

    • TJ March 26, 2011 21:49 pm

      Even if you’re and Athiest or an Agnostic, get a Bible or two. If all else fails, trade them for food, water, and/or fuel to some fool who still believes that after an Apocalypse that some god is going to save them..It would have worked for ELI…

  2. Jake May 25, 2010 15:04 pm

    I think the apocalypse is upon us, gents. You now that oil spill in the gulf? Well, its about to reach land. This will kill all the little fishies in the rivers and lakes around the US, disturbing the fragile balance of the ecosystem. And, its spreading around the world. Oh well.

  3. FK'UM May 25, 2010 22:19 pm

    Dear 13-year-old,

    The bible is nice, the pages are usually thin and soft for a plethora of uses. How about picking up a set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s while you’re at it? Tell you what, get these from you school before it shuts down for the summer — steal your History, Math, Physics, and Chemistry textbooks and any English Anthologies you can find. Then maybe learning from our former society and helping set the foundations of a new one with get you through the "rough days."

    The Future King of Upper Michigan

    • Madeleine April 21, 2011 09:48 am

      Maybe skip out on the history textbook. Get a legitimate history book from a book store and not a government approved school textbook. Unless you want to teach the world lies from the getgo.

      • FK'UM January 1, 2012 18:05 pm

        You’re Right! I forgot that the government is the one that buys textbooks for all kids and that there is only information used to brainwash and subjugate the young in our libraries and school systems. Once again, thanks for opening my eyes!

  4. Evan Blackwell June 5, 2010 02:56 am

    I’m 13 years old as well and i am interested in this topic. I’m atheist so i believe that a bible is a waste of space and time except for the fact that it has pages for fire. My family has no guns, and my mom is also a organic freak and we have no fishing poles. But i am a pyromaniac, good with guns, have high endurance and i’m a boyscout.

    • TripodXL March 28, 2011 21:42 pm

      Kinda cheesy being a scout and being atheist, too! Makes being “reverent” unnecessary, a lot like the scout law, so why bother.

  5. Jake June 12, 2010 17:28 pm

    Well, um actually i already own several Bibles. You see, i’m a Christian. However, this does not change my survival outlook. In other words, i’m not afraid to blow a guy’s head off for trying to eat me. But, it does mean that i’m insured for eternity, and if I do die, i go to Heaven. Plz, don’t think any different of me because of this.

  6. t June 26, 2010 19:22 pm

    your in good shape because at your age you will survive.most people over 45 wont last long your in your prime survival age

  7. 13 year old July 23, 2010 07:25 am

    i like this topic because i got lost in the cascade"s near mt baker for about a day and a half with a 20 oz bottle of water, matches a survival knife and a 20 gauge shotgun oh and of corse a coat but enough about that i think id survive a apocalyptic event because i have a wide range of wepons and ammo, enough canned food to last my family a year and a nice amount of bottled water and a basement with concrete walls but i want to hear tips on survival if you guys can thanks

  8. FK'UM July 29, 2010 00:58 am

    Dear 13 Year Old,
    Punctuation will save your live, as well as countless others.
    The Future King of Upper Michigan

  9. Future King of Nowhere Important in New York August 26, 2010 03:55 am

    Heh, we got a small garden out back. I got a habanero plant for homemade anti-asshole powder, as I like to call it. I have a worn, yet functional baseball bat, and a damn big walking stick. Gramps has his collection of currently useless canes, one of which has a rock on the grip end. We have a .223 rifle, yet grams insists on not keeping rounds for it. But, thankfully, the car works, and the camper does too.

    All else fails, we can eats the dogs and cats food, then eat them.

  10. Apocalypse Guide August 26, 2010 04:13 am


  11. Eric Claver November 9, 2010 23:22 pm

    "All else fails, we can eats the dogs and cats food, then eat them."

    Your pets or your grandparents?
    Your pets could help you hunt, but grammy and pops are just going to take up food…

  12. Future King of Nowhere Important in New York November 10, 2010 05:43 am

    Survival through cannibalism! And the pets would make good food, too… not a damn one of 'em, 'sides my cat Baby, can hunt worth a damn… too house trained.

  13. raspmuten November 30, 2010 18:34 pm

    So to the 13 year old Blackwell kid is an atheist and a boyscout? Funny since boyscouts are founded on belif in god. Oh well at least he can turn an empty container into a craft and tie knots.

  14. jeremiah jhonson April 26, 2011 08:12 am

    i am 13 to and i am deep into survival, were we live, we need to know about survival cause we live in the middle of nowere, we have lotsa guns and amo, and tra, plus we have a pond fula fish, plus 3 dogs for huntin. the best thing i can recomend is to homeschool, cause we homeschoolers git out in the ‘woods’ more often than not, and its just fun. i know how to make lotsa traps from wood and stuff and i know how to make clothes from braintan.
    if u are curious about this stuff and more i incurage u to write me @: jonathan newman, 327 mulberry keys rd, millers creek, nc 28651. ps if u are a kidnapper i want u to know we’ll shoot ur hide without regret!!!

    he lives!!

    • Jass December 26, 2012 15:17 pm

      …that the Lord will come like a thief in the night. (1 Thes. 5:2). We can never anticipate the movement of God that is part of His uncomprehending mystery. I also think that most of this is done to frighten people. We are already living in uncertain and incredibly difficult times, and adding this pressure cooker religious environment, robs people of the freedom to come to Christ without fear. It just really irks me.

  15. moritz ricotomo June 29, 2011 13:39 pm

    Im 13 as well and am also preparing. Just because your 13 doesnt mean you cant prepare like everyone else. my friend and i are currently constructing a bunker and have also begun stockpiling food. neither are impossible for a thirteen year old kid. as far as food goes we just made a list of all the vitamins our bodies needed and bought canned food accordingly we have a few hundred cans stockpiled. our bunker is located in the middle of the woods and is really just a hole we dug into the ground and are planning to cover. We also considered a tree house which is also within our means.read up on survival (not necessarily apocalypse but just trapping, hunting, etc.). you can build an arsenal of prehistoric weapons and often even legally buy them. Weapons that have proven there effectiveness over hundreds of years such as spears, bows, and clubs can all be made by everyone. I have also managed to procure dozens of knives and two quality bows at various yard sales. It is more difficult as a thirteen year old but it is still quite possible to survive the apocalypse.

  16. 15_and_fighting July 1, 2011 00:03 am

    im a girl, 15, and into survival. i have started stockpiling supplies without my parents knowing. right now i have enough supples to last me a week without any augmentation. i have a crapload of ammo i filtched from my familys cache that ive gotten over the period of 2 years. not going to grab the gun untill its time for me to run. i also have a small tent, batteries, lamps/flashlights, candles, fishing supplies, fire starting supplies, all the essentilas i will need to survive comfortably for several months.plus ive been learning all i can about survival.
    my freind (also a girl) and i plan to head for the cascades when the shit hits the fan. we will ditch our parents and freinds and hide. fewer emotional ties means fewer liabilitys. yes i knoowthis sounds horrible and heartless but i would rather live than die because of someone threatinging my family.
    ive always been a loner and a fighter. so a lack of people isnt going to bae all that bad for me.

    -long live the youth of the nation!

    • 16 and understanding July 16, 2011 08:55 am

      Ive had a SHTF plan for a couple of years now and its ever changing. If it does happen I intend to go against that fewer ties rule. If you leave family and friends behind your no better than the disaster your trying to run from.

    • Clackin August 3, 2011 03:23 am

      Yes! Someone who agrees with me. You would believe how long I have been telling people that emotional ties can have a terrible outcome. I know the apocalypse is coming but I don’t know when and I have a knack for guns and a majority of all mechanical equipment. I was wondering, why did you chose the cascades? I almost forgot to mention I am 15, Turning 16 soon. I am always interested in new survival techniques and espseial from the perspective of someone around my own age. I would like to know more about you survival plans. If you wish to contact me my email is wacar13@yahoo.com. I hope tohear from you soon, via blog or email.

    • Mike 13 September 20, 2011 18:17 pm

      Im mike 13 and all this is going to happen i know but im in a f@$^&!g bad position my mom has no guns and vary little experience. My dad though has all the guns and tons of food but i never can see him and hard to get to him. But my plan is to run and find the nearest abandoned bus (prison if possable) and get about 3 others to help me with guarding it and take it to gather up guns food and other things and make a civilian tank.

  17. Heather July 17, 2011 17:27 pm

    Also rich people don’t usually keep much food in the house it is regular people who buy in bulk ect. The rich might have decent cars ( if they work) and maybe furs to keep you warm if needed.

  18. av August 2, 2011 16:45 pm

    Well I’m 15 years boy and I’m not alot into survivalism, only have one box with tools, but I think that the spirit is the most important thing on surviving. Of course I could already stock on food under my house but I think it’s better to wait until I buy some land and build own house. Until then I stick to Spirit of survivalism! May brains save atheists(such me)and their god save them who believe to some kind. 🙂

  19. av August 2, 2011 16:47 pm

    And BTW in Finland where I live you can’t have gun unless your collector so have to live without killing machines =D

    For surviving-interested people I’d recommend watch film:
    I am Legend

  20. Chance has a remington August 2, 2011 22:59 pm

    Ok, im 12. i broke the chain of 13 year old guys atleast. i have military BDU camo in desert style so i blend in with this shithole they call vegas. I have a remington 700 30-06 so its not impossible for a kid to get a weapon without stealing. plus i made a flamethrower and a dart gun. both EXTREMELY lethal. you should not kill dogs because even if they are shit at hunting. they still bark so theyre great alarms. its always good to have pipebombs 😉

  21. Darkness will cover all light August 5, 2011 14:33 pm

    To survive, I’m just gonna live in a hidden cave out in the wilderness round my house, keep a flock of chickens for food, keep a huge dog for hunting/ protection, make my own weapons (cutting deer bones for blades, long wooden poles and short bamboo sticks for handles, also shooting things with my trusty slingshot), I live next to a lake so I’ll have plenty of water, and I’ll probably have my closest friend stay with me for company. (That is, if he survives.) I wil probablly use my hawk as lookout, and I have been storing food for almost a year now (not because of the appolcolypse, sometimes my family doesn’t feed me so I feed myself.)

  22. av August 6, 2011 11:44 am

    May I ask you how did you build yourself flamethrower? And altough it’s good in USA anyone can have gun.. but bad side in apocalypse would be that you all would be facing millions of other people with guns too =P

    • Chance-06 August 28, 2011 19:13 pm

      Well its quite simple. Well to me at least. Some say i’m to smart for my own good. Its really just a bunch of steel pipeing though. the dart gun is PVC and so is the grenade launcher and the mortar. I came up with a way to make explode on contact grenades which are pretty cool.

  23. Future benevolent dictator of Southwestern US August 26, 2011 19:48 pm

    Here are a few ideas.
    Capture your nearby home depot and library. these will help you as starting bases for your empire so it will be prosperous.
    Build an imperial center of learning. this will educate your citizens, adding a higher standard of living, so citizens of sucky empires will rebel to be pary of your society.
    Before the apocalypse starts, stockpile lots of books on inventions. and after that teach yourself programming so you can entertain your citizens after you guys invent computers.
    also, manage to seize a few quarries in order to mine for precious metals.

  24. The Carny Lord August 30, 2011 20:12 pm

    I’m thirteen as well. My dad has a couple of guns, but I don’t live with him. I have a dog (Chow/Black Lab mix) and the only weapons I have are an air soft gun and a pocketknife. I can’t ride a bike (have issues with coordination), but I can drive pretty well. My mom and step dad are in the carnival buisness (we own games) and we live in Barnesville, Georgia in the winter, which is in the middle of no where. What’s my plan suppsosed to be?

    • blackeagle September 23, 2011 12:17 pm

      to Carny Lord.
      I think that you should have a great chance if there where an apocalypse, btw have you any source of water nearby because that could be really useful.
      And you should also try to learn how to use a real gun an get one when you have the right age

  25. AMT September 1, 2011 19:50 pm

    bud, you and me are about the same age, and im gonna tell you how your still on the s#!% end of the stick.

    your probably 15 by now,and what people under 18 tend to lack on adults if height. this is a vital combat tool,
    if you’ve ever watched wrestling then you should notice that most of the time the bigger guy wins, same with UFC, same with boxing. the bigger you are the stronger you are.
    weapons and gas wont last forever, so you got to lean how to fight hand to hand, you’ll still want to avoid this by the way. but if a raider with a bat, or a zombie tries to get the best of you, you need to know how to neutralize said threat. and also, if that… by now 16 year old chick doesnt really know or pay attention to you, your best bet is to leave her in the s#!% unless she finds your worth her time… in other words, get some abs and doomsday pecks and you’ll be set.

  26. blackeagle September 18, 2011 07:51 am

    Hey if you search BCBinternational you get to a website that make some awesome survival stuffs! (they make equipment for the military!!!!

    • Rehema December 26, 2012 08:31 am

      There is no rotting or dead animals in them they use the same quality or slightly lesser for them, the only thing is there not balanced in nutrition for humans, in a dire situation if trapped in a collapsed building and that is all you had to eat, you could survive, but it is not something you would want to eat all the time, they are now making pet food so like human foods with veggies, fruits, natural meats and grains, it may be cheaper to live on it than buy regular grocery’s, it may have side effects, like chasing cars or batting a ball of wool around the house, if you start barking or have sudden urge to meow, then cut the dose.

  27. sammyb774 October 4, 2011 22:12 pm

    harharhar i live in sacremento funny like, i just so happen to live near:
    1) the surplus food stash
    2) the national gaurd armory
    3) the hunting store
    4) a large school
    5) a water purifying plant
    lol im set

  28. Kevinfff November 14, 2011 01:32 am

    You kids are beyond hilarious. When I was your age, the movie “Red Dawn” came out. My friends and I all started planning for what we would do in the impending Soviet invasion. Of course, back then nuclear war and apocalypse seemed a bit more of a reality (some of my fellow “old-timers” probably remember the nuclear attack drills being conducted alongside fire drills.)

    We would plan, practice, train. We had BB guns, bows and roman candles and home made bombs and such. Long before the internet of course, so we had to make do with limited library resources and stuff we learned in cub scouts. Then suddenly we turned 14 or 15, and we were in high school playing football and baseball, learning to drive, and experimenting with booze and “reefer” and discovering girls and all their fun parts…and then off to college and careers and we all sort of forgot this wacky survival stuff. The apocalypse never came of course, that inevitable Soviet invasion never happened. It seemed so inevitable all those decades ago.

    One of my old buddies from those days just sent me this link, and it took me back. That was a fun time with good friends. Have fun guys. Get that survival gear ready to go. But when you get a few years older, don’t ever tell the high school girls about it. Trust me on that last part.

  29. CaptainRyRi August 24, 2012 14:16 pm

    I’m actually 12, not even a teen yet! I think my greatest chance for survival would be to farm somewhere, I am good with a bow and arrow, but I don’t know how to use a gun, and we have none in the house. I could build stuff as a weapon though, I am rather intelligent, at least that’s what I gather from some of my friends calling me thier ‘Encyclopedia”, how do you think I could survive, without any large weapons?

  30. One Who Hides November 9, 2012 16:09 pm

    I LOVE talking about the apocalypse. It’s just so interesting. Other than that, I feel like I’d be one of the most prepared people on my block, not for abundance of resources, but for knowledge and my natural likes. You see, I am very interested in the natural properties of herbs and plant life. Little do some people know, but once upon a time ago, people used plants for things like medicine and the like. And it’s simple! And they’re more abundant than people know- they especially will be in by the lake you mentioned. Something you can do as a 13 year old (now 15 year old?) is to study up on your herbology! Because believe it or not, you can and will get sick during and after the apocalypse and it’s really going to suck when there’s nothing left to raid in the pharmacies. I won’t ask you to learn how to make aspirin; that’s too complicated. But there are herbs and such you can learn about and even plant now to prepare yourself for upcoming doom and gloom- and it’s cheaper and more satisfying than stockpiling on things your going to run out of.
    Good Luck!
    – The One Who Hides

    • Haven November 10, 2012 22:21 pm

      One Who Hides True story! There is so much out there that people have pretty much forgotten, yet it is so much better than anything the FDA (makes/has it’s hands in the pockets of) approves. If we want to survive, we must get back into that.

  31. Dalon Snyder November 14, 2012 07:11 am

    Well kid i have tried to be a dick about this situation and find a flaw in your plan, but i cant find one. i feel as if its perfect. and as long as your parents arent the type of people that try to help everyone out then you should be ok with the upcoming zombie A. you should honestly ask them if you can learn how to shoot.

  32. Sierra November 18, 2012 20:21 pm

    yeah, I’m a fourteen y/o girl. I have a backpack, and Im slowly stockpiling on survival stuff like medicine, weapons. I’m gonna get a bunch of freeze dried food. I’m a good runner, and i have a few friends with guns, so hopefully when shtf, Ill be able to head down from Seattle to somewhere okay…I’m keeping a bible on me at all times, long with a few photos that make me smile. good luck to everyone 🙂

  33. Delta December 3, 2012 02:54 am

    I’m 14, and a GIRL for a change. Unlike everyone else, my parents have no guns or explosives or anything or that natures. We have cooking knives and that’s about it. However, i do have a Bow. That is as close to weaponry as i can get. I’m a pretty damn good shot too, just saying. Good with those kitchen knives i was talking about too. I know how to make weapons though, the old stone age type, as well as bombs and traps. I got a pretty good brain between my ears as well, and sure as hell that’s going to help. I can drive, i can fight, i cant hunt, i can build, plan, and so on. All I need now is money to buy my supplies and parents who don’t think I’m insane.

  34. Connie January 6, 2013 22:36 pm

    I was wondering because unfortunately I haven’t got a fully set fool and raider proof plan yet for surviving and hopefully someone can message me with tips on that as to not troll off the writer of the letter’s needs but anyway I was wondering, what if it was fallout… Water supply contaminated by radiation and your fish mutate? Would it be wise to try to set up and aquarium where you can raise your own fish and I know this might be gross but raise up different types of insects as well to um…you know eat and make other needs out of them, certain insects of course. I’m going to be learning about entomophagy, herbology and other past times that will help in the times of hardship of survival. Just thought I’d put my 2cents in. Kinda new to this even though my gma shares my interest and has started stockpiling and trying to prepare. 🙂 anyway just my rambling, good day…

  35. Nick January 14, 2013 09:39 am

    Having a Plan is essential. Most of you are too focused on setting up a regime or new colony or something like that. You have got to realize that when the apocalypse hits, even though the government will most likely collapse, the current government will still be the most powerful group. Police officers, and military will out gun and out man/woman you for many years to come. Rather than planning your new regime focus on survival. Make a survival kit and have it ready to go at a moments notice. Have basic weapons/tools such as knives, hatchet, machete, collapsible shovel, etc.. Stockpile freeze dried foods and other foods that wont spoil. Learn to fire a gun properly, but also learn to use a bow/crossbow. Take a self defense course that teaches how to use knives as well as your hands, because a gun should only be used as a last resort and ammo may be in short supply. When the apocalypse hits make sure you are ready to survive in the wilderness because the most dangerous place to be will be in the city. Learn to Hunt and Fish. Watch shows like “Man vs. Wild”. You can learn a great deal about surviving with the bare essentials and in some harsh environments. Go camping without electronics. Trust me you may learn to enjoy sleeping in a tent or under the stars rather than in a state of the art camping trailer. Go hiking/backpacking with full gear to get in shape.

    Don’t get me wrong education will be important in the distant future so make sure you pay attention in school and self educate when you can, because when the world is ready for a new regime then it will come in handy.

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