5 Simple Apocalyptic Defensive Solutions that Don’t Involve Bullets

I know, I know you’re saying, “But I’ve been stock-piling guns with the rest of my militia for years now!”  Well, psycho, it is my fervent belief that a gun might make you more of a target in a post-apocalyptic world.  Why? Because everyone will see you as a threat.  If you have a gun and I don’t, I’m scared of what you could do to me so I’ll do my best to dispose of you.  If you have and gun and I have a gun, I’m scared of what you could do to me so I’ll do my best to dispose of you.  Also you need to be able to maintain them – and I don’t know about you but I can barely maintain decent facial hair.  You’ll need to know how to make gunpowder once you use up all your bullets and save your casings.  So c’mon Einstein, give up the gun. So what are other ways of protecting yourself without putting a cap in someone’s ass?


As Soap says in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, “Also, I think knives are a good idea. Big, fuck-off shiny ones. Ones that look like they could skin a crocodile. Knives are good, because they don’t make any noise, and the less noise they make, the more likely we are to use them. Shit ’em right up. Makes it look like we’re serious. Guns for show, knives for a pro.”  Let’s be honest, you’d look like a total badass with a meat cleaver strapped to your leg.  Or a machete.  Or a Klingon Bat’Leth.  Ok maybe not so much on the last one, but anything big, sharp, and shiny is going to be excellent.  Knives are obviously mulit-purpose, the can be used as a means to cut brush, to reflectively signal others, and to seriously intimidate others.  Now chances are you’ve got some great knife currently in your kitchen – so the price is also very low.  But if you want something a little more “professional,” I recommend you check out http://budk.com.  These guys have everything for going off the baby-made-of-bicycles crazy deep end.  My favorite brand is Cold Steel , which is not to be confused with Steel Reserve, but trust me the two go awesome together.

Check out some Cold Steel videos on Youtube

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hfLZozBVpM&feature=popular), you’ll be impressed.

A Big Stick.

Everyone is probably familiar with Teddy Roosevelt’s famous saying, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.”  But did you know that not only works as a metaphor for American early-isolationist, foreign policy, it’s also a pretty good idea.  Sticks can be used for defense and for aiding you on long walks, measuring distances, and creating sundials.  Chances are again that you have something that would make a really good stick: a rake or ax handle, a baseball bat, a sawed off pools cue, the clothes rod from your closet – anything goes!  And you can also probably find a really good one while you’re out and about – just be able to identify a few choice hardwoods (Oak, Ash, and Walnut to name a few).  Sticks are probably man’s earliest weapon and can be easily improved upon to make them better.  Fire hardening, or the act of removing all water from wood by means of lightly charring it, greatly strengthens the wood.  Ancient Pacific Islanders used to bury their spears in mud for months so that the wood would absorb the minerals, making them stronger.  Plus stick a rock, a nail, or a point and the end and you’re more badass than Roosevelt and Paul Hogan combined!

A Sling.

You remember what happened to Goliath?  That’s right, he got his shit pushed in by some prick with a piece of rope and a stone.  Rope is good to stockpile now – rocks, pieces of brick, hardened dog turds, whatever else you want to turn into a projectile is going to be all over the place after stuff goes down.  I’m not going to say much more on this, but go here: http://slinging.org/.  Make your sling and practice.  A sling gives you the advantage of range and never running out of things to chuck.

A Sock Full of Pennies.

There’s not a lot of explaining for this one.  Take two long tube socks.  Fill one with a hefty amount of pennies, or loose change, or Sacagawea Dollars, whatever.  Tie a good knot so you have a tight ball of change.  Drop it in the second tube sock.  Tie another knot.  And instantly you have the poor man’s morning star.  Actually you’ve just made a “blackjack” or “sap.”  Sure it may be heavy but you can really swing it around to get some jaw dislodging momentum built up.  Also, if it breaks, don’t underestimate the stunning effect of hurling a handful of loose change at someone’s face.

Garden Rake Knuckles.

Sure you went to that ladies self-defense class one night at the college dorms.  You thought you could maybe pick up a few girls.  But after two hours of women yelling, “NO!” and crushing your testicles with their kneecaps, you walked away disillusioned.  But what always stuck with you is how badass putting your keys in your fist looked.  You looked like Wolverine.  Better.  (Insert Pic 4: Well, maybe a lot better in this circumstance.)  What if you took it to the next level?  Get a garden rake and a hacksaw and now no one’s ever going to laugh at you at Comic Con again!  Please be aware that Brass Knuckles are also awesome, but also ILLEGAL in most states.  Especially if found on your person during a police search as you drunkenly shout your love for the chick in the Princess Leia slave girl outfit at Comic Con while dressed as a pathetic Wolverine.

Other common household stuff:

A big hammer (because if someone attacks you with a hammer, you’re screwed (it’s a pun, get it?)), a metal plate with a sharpened edge (Xena warrior princess style), piano wires (make a cross bow string or a garrote wire), ground habanero chili powder (like homemade mace), and the list goes on and on.

So put down the gun, get a little creative, and go out and fuck shit up.

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michigan had written 6 articles for How to Survive The Apocalypse

45 Responses to "5 Simple Apocalyptic Defensive Solutions that Don’t Involve Bullets"
  1. DTyra July 29, 2010 00:24 am

    Sound advice for the UK or a myriad of other "We will take care of you" nations, but here in the US we have an old saying, Never bring a knife/big stick/sling/garden rake knuckles/ or fill in the blank to a gun fight. I’m not looking for trouble in a PAW world and chances are you’ll be able to come to me to feed your little ones, but if you even try anything, I’ll own your knife/big stick/ect. :=).
    Some times it’s fun to be facetious, but in all seriousness guns have a legitimate place in preping for an uncertain future. More than likely any "stockpile of ammo" I might someday accumulate will be bequeathed to my children when I die, even if the PAW occurs.
    Peace and love from the Great Divide.

  2. Bulbazar4Lyfe July 29, 2010 01:02 am

    I totally agree with DTyra! I have so many guns I’m going to go find this guy in Upper Michigan and blow him away! I mean how can he possibly expect for a sock full of quarters to stand up to my dual AK-47s????? I think that this website is a joke. I know actual survive people who could whoop this guys ass. Thanks for all your food once the world ends!

  3. Topsy Kretts July 29, 2010 17:13 pm

    Yeah guns are cool.

    Until the Ammo runs out. No more factories churning them out. You going to go mine your own materials to MAKE the machines to even begin to make your bullets? Hell even with primitive black powder muskets, you’d still need to collect your supplies.

    Knives never run out of Ammo.

    For the two "macho men" who posted earlier, I recommend you study the history of the Seminole wars.

    • TripodXL March 28, 2011 23:51 pm

      Well, I believe I have read about the Seminole Wars. And as I recall, today, regardless of the Seminole Wars, most of them are gone and we own most of Florida. I do believe they were later killed with better guns and tactics, as well as the fact that we browbeat Spain into giving us Florida since they couldn’t control “their” Indians and we had to do it.

    • Juggernaut December 15, 2011 08:13 am

      Okay, the problem with guns is fairly simple, you run out of ammunition. The thing is, you can easily get barrels of gun powder which can sustain your arsenal for years to come, as long as they are kept dry. Knives however face a flaw that cannot be so easily repaired. Knives get dull, quicker than you think even. Then what? Unless you carry a whetstone or another high class sharpener, you are just as boned as the Internet geek who spends loads on guns without enough forethought to buy the gunpowder he will eventually need. I guarantee that guy wont save his empty cartridges either. Plus, even with a whetstone, you will eventually grind the blade to a point where it is of no use to anyone, the more you use it, the quicker that blade becomes obsolete. Although, another flaw with guns, isn’t just needing to save the cartridge, you would need to replace the bullet. Fortunately, both of those can be easily forged with a manual crank machine which can mold both, in any size, provided you have the right mold. Imagine life in the Post Apocalyptic world as a gunsmith. Cranking out materials to keep at the top of the chain can lead to plenty of success, whether it be a world full of cannibalistic neighbors, or barren wastelands that are left in wake of a massive storm. Plus, try hunting with a bow when you’ve never held one before. Trapping would be an even worse case of trial and error. Unless you are a professional, you will live a lot of hungry days without a piece.

      • Dash January 11, 2012 01:44 am

        And to think I was going to talk to somoene in person about this.

  4. Yaranna July 29, 2010 18:08 pm

    Topsy’s got the right idea.

    YES stockpile guns.
    YES you can use them as your first line of defense.
    HOWEVER, if whatever disaster lasts more than a few years, you will run out of ammo, and your gun will become nothing more than a big stick.

    So remember kiddies, guns are all well and good, just don’t rely everything on them. They won’t last forever.

  5. FK'UM July 29, 2010 19:57 pm

    Topsy and Yaranna,
    Thank you. It seems you read the last few lines of the opening paragraph, possibly unlike some other commentators.
    The Future King of Upper Michigan

    PS — Bulbazar 4 Lyfe. Stop playing with Pokemon. It’s embarassing. For everyone. And I mean everyone.

    • Igoor October 8, 2012 07:24 am

      Here’s my take on the whole crossbow to the head issue. The Zombies’ skulls might have softened up since their deaths. It’s not like they are drinking milk and building strong bones daily so their skull would be fairly easy to penetrate. Like Rick’s mom. Oh wait that’s my grandma. RIP Grandma!So whether it’s a practice bolt or a nuclear warhead, chances are it will penetrate their brains easily and they will die again.

  6. Prominator July 30, 2010 15:05 pm

    Perhaps you should further elucidate that it’s not just a sock full of pennies that is a useful way of stuffing socks to make them more awesome. Here are some other things that can go into socks (or small burlap sacks) to make weapons:

    1. A bar of soap. Once the apocalypse comes, soap is unnecessary, I believe. For proof, see the barracks scenes of Full Metal Jacket.
    2. Doorknobs.
    3. Any loose change.
    4. Rolls of change.
    5. Small Bibles. A useful weapon and tool for repentance after beating someone down.

    That’s all, I think. Screw stockpiling guns and ammo, I’m stockpiling socks. Or sockpiling stocks.

  7. Ch405 TH30R7 October 15, 2010 16:44 pm

    Um. Crossbows, anyone? A weapon that is seriously overlooked. Advantages: more powerful than a shotgun at close to medium range. Relatively simple. People don't think they're powerful enough to be a threat, although they're good enough to punch through a brick wall and keep going well enough that you can't find the bolt afterwards. ( true story) Theyre nearly silent. And best of all, you can make a crossbow and the bolts for it out of stuff you can find anywhere and a good knife. ( something you can not say about a gun. )
    Disadvantages: mostly that you only get one shot and then you have to reload. But that's it.

    • Juggernaut December 15, 2011 08:21 am

      Are you serious? A crossbow being more effective than a shotgun? What pull strength does it have, 250? I would like to see your bolt beat my buckshot. By the way, if you miss, you will need to stop everything and reload. I however, just have to take a second, pump, watch you try to reload, and then take pity on you by walking away. Do you know how to reload a crossbow? If your pull is 250, that is just 250 pounds on a very thin string that digs into your fingers, which gets painful after a while. You basically have to step on the thing to reload, which again, takes up time. Buckshot wins. Refer to my previous comment when it comes to the running out of ammo bit.

    • Hiroki October 8, 2012 03:06 am

      i question the pcttricaliay of a hunting crossbow too, but for different reasons. as for the field points, i defy you to put a hunting broadhead through a skull and get it back intact. at least the field point stands a somewhat reasonable chance of re-use. with a broadhead, the blades would be demolished anyway.in both cases, in my opinion i would expect a significant probability of destructive damage to the shaft on a given skull impact. that’s a lot of abuse.scot: i expect it would be between 80 and 150lb draw. since it’s a prop, it could very well be much less. you could get a similar one between USD 150 and 350.

  8. Apocalypse Guide October 15, 2010 17:22 pm

    Why don't you write up an article about it. Maybe even show how to make one from bolts. Send to apocalypseguide@gmail.com

    • Janais January 11, 2012 03:13 am

      I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it extremely easy for me!

  9. Laughing at you October 21, 2010 21:01 pm

    What a sad pack of TARDS. When the apocalypse comes you will all be just like everyone else – running around screaming and crying, shitting themelves because they know nothing can be done. Apocalypse is not meant to be survived. Why would you even want to?

  10. Zero November 1, 2010 01:29 am

    because fuck tard .. WE ARE HUMAN …. surviving is in our nature .. besides .. does no one else besides me think it would be fucking awesome , i mean yes the fear of dying every day would be a total buzz kill , but the scavaging and wondering the streets of disintergrated cities fighting off the occasion psyco …. also , people are more controled than every one thinks , yes there will be many who run around helpless and violent but there are others , you know , level headed people , who think "right , shit just hit the fan , i need a plan" .. because it WILL happen eventually and when it does people like me and everyone else who is sincerly reading this article will survive and eventually build a new and more impressive world , out of scourched metal and debris =)

    • Guillermo October 8, 2012 01:05 am

      Noticed this myself. I am betnitg that their safety people insist on knocking the bolt in a specialhold just under the Red Dot and nowhere near the string. I noticed on last Sundays episode that they are now even going to the extreme of (altering) the bow so that at full draw, the limbs are not even tensioned. Review when he fell from the horse and walked up to the waters edge. Limbs are straight with a bolt in the chute at the ready. I am going to guess that they have had some problems with safety on set with this X-Bow and are not taking chances.BTW I have mine ordered $259.00 Free Shipping through POOR-FISH. I love the show to and great talking to all who do. //ji

  11. Huh? November 2, 2010 02:11 am

    Dude…..what? You think this will all be awesome? Switch off the XBOX360 for a minute and take a look outside – It's pretty bad out there already. You most obviously never served or anything.

  12. Bleg November 27, 2010 06:34 am

    Straight from my 7th grade history class where we had to read All Quiet on the Western Front for some reason: SPADES! SHARPENED SPADES!


    • lazyeyes June 28, 2011 23:42 pm

      I agree with Blegs! Especially if you can get you hands on this jack of all trades spade/shovel listed above

      • lazyeyes June 28, 2011 23:43 pm

        Oops forgot to post the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b60OZhrTB6o

        • Henrieke October 8, 2012 00:07 am

          I’m with that Angel guy. I like to cook and I have every knife that comes with that black bag. I only use two. My paring knife and my 8 in. Chinese vgtleabee knife (or so that’s what someone called it). It looks like a chef’s knife but curves at the business end. Get good ones, though. In the store you’ll see them from $ 20-$ 50 each. So know what you want to do in the kitchen. These knives are carbon/steel. I don’t know the carbon percentage, sorry. And when you get your block NEVER store them blade side down, always up so to keep your edge. Have fun, I know I do.

  13. TripodXL March 29, 2011 00:20 am

    Wow. Wonder where some folks get their info from? I agree with the poster that you should know lots of different ways to fuck up you enemies, so being educated in the fine arts of fuckin’em up is not a bad idea. As far as the notion that a knife or a bow of some sort or a sock full of whatever is superior to a gun, is pretty ludicrous. As far as not being able to feed your firearm and maintain it, well, that would just be piss poor planning. Love’em or hate’em Glocks and ARs can be continually repaired indefinitely as long as you remembered to stock up spare parts and don’t run over them in a tank (buy two). If you cannot put the parts into a Glock or AR you are going to be part of the natural selection process and you will die. As long as you don’t have a running gun battle every other day, ammo, properly stocked up, shouldn’t be an issue. Of course, all of this presumes you had the foresight to move to a rural area BEFORE tshtf and prepped like you should have. I prepped 30k 5.56 rounds and multiple ARs and handguns with their ammo as well. Zero, dude, I love the “fuck-TARD”, great comeback to “laughing ass”. As far as Bubba-zar and Top-shit, they seem to be in the fuck-TARD category as well. If you stocked up weapons, ammo and spares correctly your grandchildren will still be shooting them. That’s why they call it prepping. And while knives may not “run out of ammo”, bring one to a gun fight and see how that works for you. See you at the Apocalypse!

  14. TripodXL March 29, 2011 00:29 am

    Maybe we should have a “fuck-TARD” season. No limit. All you can shoot. I would start with Bubba-zar first and thank him for all his food he saved up for me when the world ends. LOL You funny Bubba-zar!!!!! LOLSM I could use Top-Shit’s knife and cut off his nads, course they ain’t that big a trophy, might have to cut off his man tits instead. They would probably score 185 in Boone and Crockett. LOLSM and SM. I will see you first at the Apocalypse!

  15. Ryan March 29, 2011 09:33 am

    Two things

    Number one; if you are a troll on this comment section, remember the tale of the ant and the grasshopper. The grasshopper made fun of the ant for spending all of his free time collecting and stockpiling food. Winter came, and the ant had the last laugh.

    You my friend are like a lazy grasshopper, and these so called “crazies” who stockpile food and ammo and knives for what most of today’s media is sure will be an eventual end of civilized living, you and the rest of the world will be begging at these guys log cabins for food and hazmats suits. That’s assuming the arguably unlikely event of nuclear war; Japan is experiencing its own private apocalypse thanks to God’s Wrath in the form of a Tsunami. They even got the radioactive fallout. Betcha the stockpilers there are grinning ear to ear, if only because they are safe and well fed.

    Number Two: for all you NRA right wingers and gunhos out there; never overlook a good backup plan. Even if you live in a fallout shelter and have enough ammo to reequip the Chinese army, that isn’t a guarantee that it will be there when you need it. You can only carry so many magazines at a time without being completely overburdened, and even the guy dragging a wagon full of clips is no safer from the dreaded “Dead man’s click”. That’s the click noise you hear when you realize you’ve run out of ammo and need another clip. It can happen to anyone in the chaos of a firefight. The psychopath with a .44 magnum that’s right in front of you wont wait for you to grab a clip, lock it in, and load another round in the chamber. Having a bowie knife in your wrist holster makes it a snap to rearm yourself, especially in Close Quarters. Plus, it never hurts to have a backup plan for your backup plan, or to think like Macguyver in a pinch. This is good advice for people who don’t have time or money to stockpile on weapons, too. Creativity never killed the survivor.

    • SIegfried October 7, 2012 18:23 pm

      I love my Old Timer! I have always cearird one,in fact the same style,Schradeae Old Timerae Gunstock Trapper Linerlock. But I must admit, I didn’t care for the fact they are now made in Chinaand made with SS blades instead of the old high carbon blades like the ones I grew up with. But, dollar for dollar, they are still a very good knife. I’m going through a buy American stage in my life. So I’m switching to a Case Mini Copperlock. I’m getting the one with the same type of handle material that my Old Timer has, Delrin. You just can’t beat Delrin for a synthetic knife handle material.Enough rambling! Thanks for your site. And don’t get me wrong. I still feel Old Timer is a good knife.

  16. Sick Puppy April 2, 2011 19:10 pm

    Having a couple of good knifes, and a throwing axe is just a good idea. Surprisingly Glock makes some pretty good knifes as well as guns. Just be careful the scabbard takes some getting used to.

  17. BrandyG April 25, 2011 05:38 am

    Obviously its not a bad idea to have a few guns and related equiptment and ammo on hand (this coming from someone who was very anti gun until I realised the world is going down the crapper and I dont have to worry about kids finding it so its just unpreparred and naive not to get one in my situation), but its also foolish to only rely on that, which I believe is at the core of his/her message, along with the fact that you probably dont want to brag about it because people will feel threatened by it, but I doubt s/hes saying dont have guns, s/hes just giving you more options, which is never a bad thing.

    But I just wanted to add something from the womens self deffense world, and obviously this is not a first line of deffense weapon, its more of a mcguyvering, but its something my blackbelt mom told me about when I was little and it stuck with me, a rolled up newspaper…

    *Waits for the laughter to die down…*

    I know I know, like i said this is NOT a first choice weapon, but its main advantage is in the bad guy not being able to use your own weapon against you very well catagory. How you ask? Find yourself a newspaper or flyer, roll it up tight, wack your leg, drop it, and try to pick it up again quickly and smack your leg with it again…
    Did you have to spend a few seconds re-rolling it back up again first because it was floppy and worthless?
    Those few seconds to book it away from your attacker could make all the difference, and even though its no bat, anything is better than nothing.

    So I just thought id put that in there for inspiration.

    And just a thought, if the sock full of pennies etc is your only option at that moment, I would add some flour or other fine powder in there as well, so that a puff of dust helps to temporarily blind your opponent after you smack him in the face and run, because lets face it, thats a “buy yourself a few seconds to get away weapon”, not a stay and fight one…

    Along that line, a home made pepper spray could be usefull, raiding your kitchen for anything thats eye irritating like lemon juice and tabasco sauce and chilly powder and onion puree etc etc put into a spray bottle… if you have nothing else, might as well try to make anything you can once going out and buying something is no longer an option.
    There are recipes to make good ones online, I’m just not sure if its legal to share that info…

    But since theres time, Id go out an get some bear spray myself, so its got double the worthyness, in case you come across something big and nasty in the wilderness. (Im in the country and weve had bears in our backyard before, and big ass nasty dogs, coyotes, pissy bucks lol, and pissy escaped bulls etc, so its handy in general regardless.)

    Also, in case anyone reading this hasn’t already, I’m working on a home invasion escape kit, aka small things that are hidden under couches and beds and shelves and toilets/sinks etc around the house, containing things to get yourself untied and running/fighting back no matter where the bad guy plops you in your home, there should be something nearby thats easy to reach with things like safety pins to pick zipties, razer blades to cut rope etc etc, when I finish coming up with it I’ll share my whole list and ideas, but maybe this will get you started on your own for now.

    • Chetan October 8, 2012 00:22 am

      It would be a safety harazd for them to actually have the bolt in the bolt channel. Even if you were to disable the trigger and or engage a safety it would still be a harazd. What happens if it gets dropped or bumped? The safety could fail and next thing you know there shutting down production or their having to kill off a character, because that character (real life person) got killed or injured on set. It’s not like a gun ware you can have blanks or dummy rounds. I’m happy they put a crossbow in the show. PS: I hope I didn’t sound to ranty there as that is not my goal.

  18. Roboninks May 30, 2011 19:51 pm

    Nothing like a good knife and a baseball bat. Although a pistol might be handy for a while.

  19. AMT September 1, 2011 19:04 pm

    If the world ends, up in canada, im going for these 4 items (just around the corner from my house.):

    1) bolt action hunting rifle(.308): easy to clean and repair , plenty of ammo all over Quebec, and quite customizeable, also long and counts as a spear with a bayonet.

    2) G17 police handgun. (9mm): yet again easy to maintain, light, lots of ammo, and if worst comes to worst… well i can always use my shiny rifle on any body else with ammo.

    3) switch blade: quick draw, sharp , compact, easy to fix, easy to sneak into any facillity wanting my weapons. (muahaha!)

    4) bonoculars (yes bonoculars): you ca see anyone coming before they see me… so why not, im not wasting my ammo on anything that aint a demon or ghoul or zombie… or some asshole with an AK-47.

    now before you judge, i go to a shooting range every monday, i paintball (pretty good at it too), and on top of that have spent most of my teenage years in army cadets… wich includes countless hours of shooting and survival training. I KNOW MY SHIT. <–(important)

  20. n2 September 12, 2011 18:37 pm

    Have you ever been to a gun store? On the shelf there is enough ammo to keep one supplied for 100’s of lifetimes not to mention what is probably in the back of the store. Cleaning supplies too, and if you cant figure out how to clean a gun, you are plain dumb. Sorry, but it is true….

  21. Aaron Getz October 1, 2011 18:10 pm

    I love the wolverine idea are u fuckin retarded! Ammo is no impossible to make hell I have all the equipment in my garage and once again I must say using a melée weopon is not as simple as u see on call of duty i’m positive most of you people will die from stupidity also a people a stupid and panicky

  22. blackeagle October 15, 2011 01:40 am

    hey i just found a website that have some good stuff (knives,
    , ax, crossbow, guns) and survival gear the address is

  23. blackeagle October 15, 2011 01:44 am

    Especially if you click the self defense button.

  24. Kevinfff November 14, 2011 01:44 am

    A lifetime ago I got in a bar fight in Jacksonville, NC with a blonde mustached townie (I swear, they all have blonde mustaches there, it is just creepy) and he pulled a knife and stuck a bit of the tip in my left bicep. I was pretty drunk, so it didn’t hurt all that much. But I grabbed the fire extinguisher off the wall and managed to knock him around quite a bit for being so impolite as to bring a knife to a fist fight. When he stopped moving, my buddies grabbed me and we practically ran back to base.

    So never discount a fire extinguisher. The little sprayer part makes a good handle. And when you’re done bashing the guy, you can spray him white with some fire retardant as a little post fight humiliation.

    All that said, after watching “Old Boy” I’m going with hammer-fu. That scene was beyond awesome.

  25. mil0866 December 4, 2011 11:47 am

    Crossbow. Even if you run out of bolts, you can make your own with some practice. Also, I think that having both guns and knives would be smart. Knife for when you don’t want to attract attention, guns for the “OMFG THERE’S 50,000 FUCKING ZOMBIES AFTER ME” moments.

  26. Juggernaut December 15, 2011 08:35 am

    Just a bit of a side note, life after the world ends isn’t about beating down every other human being out there, or even trying to kill them, I’m even sure enough to say that majority of those who look at this will be unable to preform the deed. Ending a life is a big deal, with huge psychological effects on some. No, the end of the world isn’t a time to turn on one another. My plans in such an event is scavenging, providing essential materials such as firearms, keeping an environment safe, for everyone, and then rebuilding the world. You can’t do this if your plans are to kill every person you see, and in that kind of world, everyone is a threat. Sacks of pennies, big sticks, knives; eh, that is really sort of pathetic, are you some kind of royal bad ass? How would you get food?

    • Sick Puppy December 19, 2011 16:53 pm

      I happen to agree with you some people dream of acting out some sort of sick mad max fantasy. The problem with that is it’s easy to do in a warm room the lights work and plenty to eat. In any SHTF situation people are going to have to learn to play well with others. It’s 19 degrees F out side now it’ll be 11 by morning if today was SHTF day any lone wolf poser would be dead by daybreak.

  27. OPSEC September 14, 2012 00:57 am

    The most important defense, IMO, would be having the ability to keep a cool head in any situation.

    • Hamada October 7, 2012 16:21 pm

      There’s no set rule as to have every type of knife. It depends on how you cook and which knevis feel good in your hand. Each person is different, I use knevis for different things that are designed for paring. They are more comfortable for me to use. I recommend that you locate your local restaurant equipment store. Go in and look around, you’ll find better knevis that are truly practical in the kitchen, also they have lots of items to help save time and energy and they will be at a fraction of the cost of a retail store.I would suggest you invest in good baking and sheet pans, just look and see what you find. They will also have items used some times they are in really great shape. and pennies on the dollar

  28. Raju October 8, 2012 06:40 am

    I own a barnett crbsosow and I’ve seen practice tips go through a one inch solid wood board so i do believe that it would kill a zombie,, but my big issue is that for the whole first season Daryl never puts the rear end of the bolt on the bolt channel (meaning if fired the arrow would not take flight and the limbs of the crbsosow would likely crack or shatter completely.) I love this show and love that the crbsosow is used in it, but it really bugged me when I saw the rear of the bolt on the scope mount and not the bolt channel (or track) while shooting.

  29. matt coole January 15, 2013 08:53 am

    I have to tell you i recently watched Chuck Norris’ “A Force of One” and loved a self defense move from the movie that really works and is awesome if youre down to your bare hands. Basically you block a punch or grab by shooting your arms up and out, then you lunge with one hand to the chin/jaw and one hand behind the neck to the hair and you twist the head and bring to the ground in a side motion to your right. holy cow! not only does it really work, but let me tell you, where the face goes, the body will follow! i have personally tried it several times, and its amazing. And if the world does fall to mindless zombie hordes, at least you can get one down and run! Watch the movie on netflix before its gone. youll see the scene im talking about where he shows the move in a “training” class. Good Stuff!

  30. matt coole January 15, 2013 08:53 am

    I have to tell you i recently watched Chuck Norris’ “A Force of One” and loved a self defense move from the movie that really works and is awesome if youre down to your bare hands. Basically you block a punch or grab by shooting your arms up and out, then you lunge with one hand to the chin/jaw and one hand behind the neck to the hair and you twist the head and bring to the ground in a side motion to youre right. holy cow! not only does it really work, but let me tell you, where the face goes, the body will follow! i have personally tried it several times, and its amazing. And if the world does fall to mindless zombie hordes, at least you can get one down and run! Watch the movie on netflix before its gone. youll see the scene im talking about where he shows the move in a “training” class. Good Stuff!

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