Post Apocalyptic Entertainment: Avoiding cabin fever when you’re the last survivor.

Okay. So you survived. The shit hit the fan in the worst way possible, and your bad self took no prisoners and came out on top. Congratulations! You are now officially bored! You demolished who needed to be demolished, moved up from your temporary bug out shelter to your prime piece of permanent real estate, have a quite a nice little garden growing, have scavenged enough supplies to get a small army through the Dark Ages, and are currently sporting a very sexy beard if you do say so yourself. You have read everything that looked interesting in your scavenged library, and now you have the wanderlust. You are itching for something to do. The witchy feeling of unrest which hits much of the population around spring, is not necessarily a precursor to travel. Sometimes it simply means you are insanely bored. The following is a non inclusive list to get those creative juices flowing.

Use What You Have

Set up an obstacle course. Use those random items you scavenged. Remember that pool noodle? You knew it would come in handy! Use it as a hurdle! And the leftover fishnet shirts? Stretch those out and tack them to a frame you make out of sticks to simulate the exercise of low crawling under barbed wire in Basic Training. Your imagination and stock of random items are the only limit.

Disclaimer: Do not use anything with which you may potentially injure yourself. Nothing sharp or dangerous! Remember the title of the site you are visiting: SURVIVING the apocalypse!

Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of things to find such as feather, bug, pinecone. Then try to find them. An interesting twist to this is in an urban environment. Your list can include: a full beer can, an unopened electric bill, a corpse minus the left arm… again, the sky is the limit here.

Tower Defense

Now that your home is safe and strong practice defending it from marauders. Pretend you are under siege, and throw rocks, fire homemade bows and arrows, set up nets and traps in strategic areas, and play around with it. You are a one man army, go wild!

Head in The Clouds

Remember that tree house you wanted when you were a kid? Now is the time for your dream to come true! If there are no trees around, try telephone poles or scaffolding.


Set up your ‘pins’, a binder, empty liter bottle of juice, sturdy sticks, a blow-dryer, or whatever else you can find, and try knocking them down with your softball or rock; of course, if you actually posses a bowling ball you are one cool cat! You get two points for every strike, one for a spare.

Save The Orphans

Rescue a critter from one of your snares. You can perfect your medical techniques, and once your little friend is healthy, gain his trust and companionship. Everything is always more fun with someone to share it with! Make sure he is not rabid or bipolar first, though.

Document your Life Story

Start journaling your experiences. You made it through TEOTWAWKI for a reason. You have a spectacular story to tell.

Cut Your Hair

However you want. Anything goes now with no corporate axes to kiss.

Make Weapons and Tools

Blowguns, crossbows, solar panels etc.

Get a Buddy

Eventually, you may need to find a buddy out there you can chat with.  Years without human contact may drive your mind to some unhealthy ends.  Be careful whom you choose. Poking your head out the door and befriending the first vagabond you see could prove disastrous. In addition to finding a buddy, your body will start to let you know that you need a mate of the opposite sex. If you succeed in finding a partner, you’ll have plenty to do. (Clean the bathroom, take out the trash, scavenge for valentine’s day cards, etc.)

Learn an Instrument

You could be the Post-Apocalyptic Woody Guthrie. I’d buy that album.

Give Yourself Tattoos

It’s not hard to do, but easy to do poorly. The best part is if you mess up, there will be few that care

Widdle Wood

Carving wood is men’s version of knitting. Very relaxing.

O’ Starry Night

Can’t remember the names of the star constellations besides the Big Dipper?  That’s ok, it’s your sky now!  Name them what YOU want!

Add others to the comment section below!

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26 Responses to "Post Apocalyptic Entertainment: Avoiding cabin fever when you’re the last survivor."
  1. tintedgrey October 20, 2010 04:56 am

    You could always make some awesome chainmail armor out of soda-can tabs.

  2. atomicpunk October 20, 2010 16:35 pm

    scavenge an old military base for a tank and see how many shots it takes to level a skyscraper : )

  3. Sick Puppy October 21, 2010 01:44 am

    Find a pencil some paper work on that novel

  4. Regs October 21, 2010 16:00 pm

    scavenge an old military base for a tank and see how many shots it takes to level a skyscraper : )
    October 20, 2010 | Unregistered Commenteratomicpunk

    lol, playing with a tank should be awesome.

  5. ThePresticle1 October 25, 2010 01:43 am

    Break into a casino and just walk into the cashier's cage and take all the cash. It's worthless, but at least now you can help yourself!!

  6. Zero November 1, 2010 01:07 am

    you could find i old tv , a solar generater … and an old games console …. the only living person with a working xbox 360 … you would be famous

  7. CJ November 8, 2010 03:53 am

    LOL you could get all the money possible and then swim in it. Might be worth doody, but hey, it's fun.
    I'd hunt. You can never have enough food in the apocalypse, and hunting is a good way to keep yourself busy.

  8. Carlson November 11, 2010 15:46 pm

    Games games games games games.
    Tabletop games are a must if you have a group, but even if you're solo, have some kind of games around. I find "pocket games," stuff you can literally carry in your pocket, to be excellent diversions. From miniature versions of popular favorites to classic generic standbys like cards and dice (get at least a pair of dice; more is always better), there's a wide variety. You can usually find tons of these small wonders pegged at your local discount chain store in the toy section.

    • Amelia Pond July 5, 2011 02:28 am

      Role playing games, like the table top kind. the sky really is the limit with those all u need is paper, a pencil, and either dice or playing cards. make your own rules and settings.

  9. jeremiah johnson November 11, 2010 22:50 pm

    split some watermellons open with an axe!!!!! it will also help with defending yourself with an axe if ever needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    whooo take that watermellon dude whoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jd November 17, 2010 06:35 am

    Without the constraints of time and money I would accumulate exotic cars, establish a fleet of boats and become a helicopter pilot… definitely!

    It is nice to be king

    • TJ March 26, 2011 21:43 pm

      The nice thing about becoming a helicopter pilot in the POST APOC is that if you screw up your first lesson, you wont have to worry about your second one…..=)

  11. Tyler November 17, 2010 23:42 pm

    i would probable go around collecting like soda caps can tabs empty tin cans your enemy's ears whatever you want i would go for the soda can tabs go to the recycling plant and just go bananas and you could make some nasty weapons with them to

  12. Future King Of Nowhere Important In New York December 1, 2010 02:45 am

    Hm… I got one… find one of those large 6-wheeler construction site cranes, pry the lifting gear off it, and try to turn it into a mobile fortress. Just don't forget your diesel (or bio-diesel), your oil, and your coolant. Also, ensure your 155mm HEAP howitzer has enough ammo for extended sieges of hostile road warriors.

    Another would be to attempt this, but with a garbage barge… or an ocean liner.

    Finally, you COULD just hit the nearest Naval base for a cruiser, an aircraft carrier, and a couple nuclear subs, then turn 'em into a frankenstein-reminiscent monster of a naval nightmare. ^_^

  13. Carl December 15, 2010 21:37 pm


  14. HoH-Peacestayer December 19, 2010 20:33 pm

    Train or work out. You can never be to fit. Plus, if you find a special other..they just might like your bod. Also, make yourself useful with weapons and tools.

  15. el survivalero April 2, 2011 04:28 am

    the cure to boredom is obvious, creat your empire! enrol vagabonds in your army, pay them food, reclaim the surounding land, develop villages, recreate civilisation, develope long term comunication system, in turn extend your army, create a stable political system, conquere adjacent territory, become master of the world! if you don’t do it someone else will…

  16. Sick Puppy April 2, 2011 19:03 pm

    I’ve noticed nobody has said “FIND A WOMAN”? Anybody else find that odd?

  17. Clemens P. Suter April 9, 2011 21:30 pm

    Start playing a musical instrument and become reaaaally good at it.

  18. jeremiah jhonson April 29, 2011 10:31 am

    we will be so busy with trying to stay alive, ie farming, huntsing, trapping,ect, that we wont have time to b bored anyway.
    stay alive

  19. wanderingALICE July 20, 2011 11:16 am

    Write a post. survival guide. Scavenge enough to open up a shop, why not you got time. Map your new surroundings for the first customer you get in your shop.

  20. Smra96 August 3, 2011 20:49 pm

    Target practice, but with something like a bb gun, as you wouldn’t want to waist ammo for your weapon.

  21. Darkness will cover all light August 5, 2011 14:15 pm

    Catch some survivors, trap them in some old creepy house, and make them go through all of those puzzle things like in jigsaw. It’ll be hard without camras and electricity though…

  22. BRITISH BULLDOG August 5, 2011 19:33 pm

    In my spare time I’d read, draw, do pressups, & spend ‘quality time’ 😉 with my girlfriend. I would also like to take a whizz in every city and go all the way down to London and throw a stone, brick, Pound coin etc. through every window in ‘The Gherkin’ (St. Mary Axe) and annoy Cockney survivors by doing a bad impersonation of not only their accent, but Scouse, Russian, New Yorker, Scottish and Irish. 😀

  23. n2 September 26, 2011 15:57 pm

    Heck, I’d go hit all the gun stores in town and stock up on ammo, using those huge ammo crates from an army surplus store. Then I’ find an old WWII army Jeep and go mud bogin’

  24. Haven Strange December 14, 2011 21:14 pm

    Charades. Hey, look at it this way.. There’s no one to laugh at you…

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