Survive the Apocalypse with IKEA

When the world ends, we like to think that all of our daily conveniences will be gone. For the most part this is true, but many items will be available by the store, truck or freighter full. In your apocalyptic wanderings you may find 10,000 gallons of toothpaste. Would you put a little on your finger and walk away as you brush your teeth? Or would you find some apocalyptic use for it? This is the apocalypse, and only the wisest survive, so when you find a cache, you better figure out something to do with it.

After the immediate disaster, much of the world will take and consume most of what is immediately useful in stores. They will take the hamburger, milk and frozen peas, leaving you with seemingly very little. Thats why its up to you to be resourceful. Even years after the calamity, you’ll need to make due with what has been left behind. It would be wise to look at an everyday item today and think, “If I’m cold, wet, hungry, and bored, how could this item ease those cravings?”

Ikea will be one of those places that apocalyptic wanderers will enter and scavange for goods. By the time you get there very little will be left. You may find a few hangers, some designer plants and some old rope. What would you do with it? Our friends at IKEA hackers show you:

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One Response to "Survive the Apocalypse with IKEA"
  1. BrandyG May 4, 2011 15:59 pm

    That is very cool, I feel inspired to scavenge dollarama for unassuming macguyver bait 😀 Everything he used for that they have a counterpart there. Hmm.. my wheels are turning… lol. Thanx for the inspiration :D.

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