UVPaqlite Everlasting Emergency Lights

The power went out yesterday after a strong storm ripped through the area overnight, dropping 14 inches of snow. My kiddos woke me up at 4am on a Monday, very freaked out. We live in a rural area, and needless to say, it was pitch black. They had never experienced a power outage. It was already noticeably cooler than other mornings, so I told the boys to get in my bed and cover up while I went to start a fire. As I tucked the boys in I noticed a glow from the bedside table. The dedicated folks at UVPaqlite had sent me a couple Amazing Lights just the day before to try out and review. I used the lights to locate my robe and flashlight, and proceeded to heat the house. I have to admit the timing could not have been better!

Amazing lights are all natural, made from Strontium Illuminate and the rare earth Uropium. They are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The crystals have many jagged facets that allow light absorption from all angles. Simply charge the lights briefly with any light source-sunlight, headlight, flashlight, and the crystals will store the rays, allowing them to glow for an entire night. No, you cannot read a paperback by the glow, but you are able to play poker and you can definitely find your socks within the tent before dawn. The Amazing light is often used as a trail marker and nightlight, and they even offer a light specifically for scuba diving.

All UV Paqlite products are waterproof and temperature resistant. They come in various sizes, depending on your needs. They are extremely light and portable, and the pads can be rolled and placed in your BOB, or clipped to the outside of your backpack to allow for maximum solar ray absorption as you go about your hike. The Amazing lights last forever-they will glow the same today as they will 30 years from now.

The UV Paqlite company is family owned and operated, and all American. They produce a quality product with spectacular customer service. These lights are a must have in any emergency kit and camping backpack. My kids have even requested some as nightlights for their rooms. Best of all, a portion of all sales go to youth scouting programs. Pop on over to www.uvpaqlite.com and have a look around.

An Amazing light at an amazing price.

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