Zombie Survival 101

What would you do if faced with a horde of brain consuming undead? Would you bug out to the nearest snowcapped mountains? Last I checked zombies were not intelligent enough to put on a pair of long johns and a wool cap. Or would you bug in and fortify your present location, filling the moat you dug around the house last spring then shielded from view with faux shrubbery so the neighbors would not have you taken away in a hug me jacket. With all the options presented in this particular scenario, one has a lot of speculation as to the best one, while facing the fact that many more questions present themselves. Well, look no further than your local school of higher learning for the answers. Colleges and Universities across America are now offering courses on preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Teaching everything from stealth-how to sneak up on the walker and re-kill him quietly via crossbow or hatchet, to creating smokeless fires to keep your location hidden, and even tips on how to properly dispose of your recently beheaded ghoul.
UC Davis, Michigan State, Chicago Columbia College, Trackers Earth (which is not a college but a survival based outdoors immersion that teaches hunting, gathering, permaculture and traditional boat building amongst other things) the University of Baltimore, and the University of Berkeley so far boast courses for the summer and fall semesters of 2012, with more sure to be springing up as the year progresses.
In addition to educating participants on the best ways to avoid infection of the Zombie virus, these classes will give students valuable real world tips on survival, including shelter making, home defense, safe food and water gathering, and weapon and trap creation; the courses promise to assist students in learning to think sociologically so as to define, analyze, understand, and possibly predict human behavior changes given particular disasters and instances. I am intrigued as to the titles of the next round of classes… Philozombie anyone?

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