Letter from 10 Year Old About Surviving a Dog Attack

This is a guest post by one of our youngest readers to date.  A 10 year old boy who survived an attack by three Bull Mastiffs.  I want to thank you, Bryan, for having the courage to tell your story, and for having the will to keep going.  And on behalf of Survive The Apocalypse, I wish you a speedy recovery and an abundance of blessings.

The Dog Attack

My name is Bryan.  I am 10 now, but when I was 9 I suffered a dog attack.  This is my story of survival.

It is December 2010.  Me and my older brother John were playing football, passing it to each other.  We got bored after a while and went inside the house to watch cartoons.  My uncle and older sister were babysitting us that day while our mom worked.  We played some video games and watched tv.  My little brother Nik announced he was bored and wanted to play outside.  He is too young to play outside by himself so John and I asked if we could all go play.  My uncle and sister said yes, so we left.

It was a very beautiful day, especially for December.  Me and Nik had a surprise for John, and walked across the street to the neighbor’s house.  The surprise was dogs.  We lived by a neighbor who raised Bull Mastiffs.  Me and Nik knew these dogs and often stopped to pet them over the fence.  They were very friendly and we had been playing with them for almost a year, almost every day.  The owner sometimes even had us clean their yard and alley, and pull weeds.  The fence for the dogs was high, so when we walked by and wanted to pet the dogs, we had a certain way of getting up to be able to reach over. There were two city trashcans, and me and Nik would hop on to them and lean over the fence to pet the dogs.

John had never hung out with us outside, so he didn’t know these dogs, and was too scared to pet them today.  I hopped up there and scratched their ears anyway, to show they were friendly.  John started to kick a soccer ball around the alley, and soon it went over the fence, hit their tree, and fell into the yard.  The neighbor was working and John and Nik were upset they had lost their only ball, so I thought I could go into the yard to get it, after all the dogs and I had been friends for a long time!  I went over the fence and walked to the dog who was trying to get the ball into her mouth.  It was actually very funny to watch-Bull Mastiffs have large mouths, but she could not quite open it big enough for a soccer ball!  There were two females-one had the ball, a big male and two puppies.  I tried to get the ball and suddenly the big male pushed me against the fence hard with his body.  That kind of scared me so I let my instincts take over and I pushed him away and went to jump back over the fence.  The male grabbed onto my leg and pulled me back down.  I had fallen on my back and before I knew it the three adult dogs started to chew on me like I was a chew toy.  I screamed at the top of my lungs.  John ran to get help.  Nik climbed the fence and was beside me trying to get the dogs off of me, but they were completely ignoring him.  He actually was never bit even once.

The dogs kept going for my throat and face.  My instincts just took that over and my arms came up to cover my face and neck, even though it felt like my arm was being ripped apart.  It took forever for John to come back, and I was screaming because it was starting to hurt, so Nik went to get help and find out what was taking so long.  Suddenly the owners appeared and called the police.  The dogs owners were able to pull the male dog off me.  Then my uncle was beside me-he had actually run right through the fence.  He got the rest of the dogs off me, and then carried me out of the hole he had broken and laid me on the grass in the alley.  I would not stop bleeding.  My face and head and neck were bitten, but my left arm was the worst, it was very mangled.

It has been a long recovery, both mentally and physically.  I had over 200 wounds.  And I know what I did was wrong.  I know I never should have gone into that yard.  The dogs were just protecting their house and family.

People keep asking me what I did to survive.  Well, I just kept fighting.  That is the key-to keep fighting.

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