Scientific Proof the World is NOT Ending This Year

Last year I put my co-workers beloved jeep up for sale. Placed two For Sale signs on the windows (with his personal mobile number) for $500, obo. You can imagine the mad amount of voicemails he endured when he went on break! I even left a few in different dialects just to shake him up. He took it in stride, tho, and swore to get me back. That only fueled my fire, so I filled a prophylactic with Vaseline and wedged it carefully under his door handle. That night after we locked the doors, I sauntered to my side of the parking lot, and watched him scream in dismay then immediately fall to the ground laughing. I helped him up out of his hysterical fetal position, and have since waited a year for him to get me back! A year!?! Oh, and about the proof the world is not ending? Had to do it- Happy April Fools Day! 😉 Now I am off to cause more destruction upon the unsuspecting masses muahahahahahahaaaa!

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