20 Necessary Post-Apocalypse Skills

There will be many skills that will be highly necessary, and make you both self sufficient and highly valued in a post-apocalypse world. Knowledge of all would be ideal, yet virtually impossible as one would have to spend a lifetime mastering them. So get your family and bug out mates together and get your post- doomsday job plan in place.
1. Hunting, skinning and processing
It’s awesome that you are spot on with the rifle, but you must know how to process your kill. Unless you plan on carting around your own personal butcher.
2. Farming and Gathering
Learn what grows best in your area, and your BOL if it is a different temperate. Practice growing. It takes farmers decades to master the art of farming.
3. Food Preservation
Learn to can, preserve, dry, smoke, jerk, and store seeds.
4. Blacksmith
There will always be a need for metalwork.
5. Construction
Be the guy who builds the perfect shelter that won’t collapse the first big storm. ‘Cuz that guy won’t be so popular.
6. Defense/weapons/combat fighting Expert
You never know who you will have to fight. Zombies, a lone sneaky marauder, or a whole troop of neighboring forces who wish to take what you have worked so hard for.
7. Irrigation
Having an irrigation system is so much easier than refilling the watering can 5000 times a day.
8. Sewing/knitting
Unless you like running around naked all year
9. Mechanics/Alternative Fuels
And the best part? You get to convert that sexy muscle car you have been eyeballing at the local dealership.
10. Animal Husbandry
Cows, sheep (and sheep shearing for warm winter wool) chickens, rabbits…
11. Beekeeping
It is said that all life will cease to exist if the bee were to become extinct.
12. Fishing
And netting.
13. Soap and Candle making
Leaves the village out of the dark and not repulsive smelling.
14. Alternative (natural) medicine as well as emergence medicine
We will need both an emergency medic who can perform appendectomies, c-sections, and set broken bones, as well as a naturopath who can prescribe herbal concoctions for coughs and minor pains and ailments.
15. Music Making
Life is so much better with music.
16. Masonry
Bricks and mortar baby.
17. Morse code
Communication will always be a commodity
18. Cobbler
Eventually, all shoes will run down.
19. Scavenging
Locating the last of the (pre-expired) penicillin and Pepto? Priceless
20. Piloting
There will be many planes laying around. A plane will make many tasks that much more easy.

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8 Responses to "20 Necessary Post-Apocalypse Skills"
  1. Gandolph September 13, 2012 09:09 am

    Good post. Of course there will be no need for CEOs and web designers after TEOTWAWKI

  2. Wendy September 19, 2012 03:04 am

    You missed four items: 1. How to prevent pregnancy (for men and women)- because controlling when and how many children we have will be crucial, how to deliver babies (midwives), how to ease pain, both to help people endure physical trauma and to ease the end of life , and how to help someone with post-traumatic stress, because there will be many, many people running around who have seen and been through too too much.

  3. Haven September 21, 2012 14:18 pm

    Good points. A midwife will be needed, especially given the “rhythm method” will be the only way to prevent pregnancy after the condoms have turned to dust and the birth control pills expired- yet that method does not work all the time. As far as psychotherapy for PTSD, I think that is going to be part of survival. I think survivors will all have shared many of the same tragedies, therefore all will be sympathetic just as all will be affected. Pain relief will fall under the naturopath doctors specialty, as cultures have been easing pain with herbs for thousands of years.

    • blind sage November 1, 2012 14:16 pm

      actually, pig intestine was used for condoms in the medieval era. It’s not likely 100% effective, however we’d be better off than them, because we know, unlike them (urgh) that you shouldn’t rinse and re-use…

    • Amin December 26, 2012 19:27 pm

      Bedtime Stories’ is a wonderful collection of short stories all linked together with an unsettling distrust of the future. Some of the stories, such as Shiners’ and Mr. Blue’, focus on total disruption between mankind’s ability to communicate and interact. Padre’, a story about a man willing to go into the middle of a Mexican sewer in search for a cure for his daughter’s cancer, ends on such a disgusting yet oddly hopeful note that I felt baffled. Even the weaker stories ( Branding’ comes to mind) are still excellently written. Any fan of either horror or short stories should be willing to give this collection a shot. Delightfully macabre.

  4. Cyndi November 10, 2012 16:08 pm

    The important thing here is keep your eyes on the prize. DO NOT SETTLE for second best. You will pay dearly, be it with time or emotional response

  5. mubrittisee November 19, 2012 03:47 am

    I really like your forum here. So I decided to be a part of it 🙂

    And here I am saying HELLO EVERYBODY!! 😀

  6. bashprompt December 29, 2014 12:19 pm

    If it works, it works. Not everything will work for everyone, and different things work differently on different people. Only through trial and error can you know what works FOR YOU.

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