Is Your Survival Plan Up to Par?

Do you have a Survival Plan? That’s awesome as we all know better and should have a contingency plan for a cataclysm. Look at the East Coast post superstorm Sandy. Those who prepared were golden. My heart does go out to the victims of the storm and subsequent looting that is happening, and goes double as the Nor’easters are threatening.

What most of us don’t realize is we need more than one survival plan. A survival plan is not one size fits all. Each plan must be custom tailored to each specific risk you’re trying to abate, while taking into account how many people you are responsible for. Take a good look at the area where you live, and identify possible scenarios; live 10 miles from the ocean? Think tsunami/flooding. Live in the city? Think about rioting/food shortage.

By definition, prepping is acquiring the knowledge, skills, and supplies you need before a disaster strikes. The skills and supplies must be acquired now, before TSHTF. If the storm hits today, you are too late.

Survival planning requires the following steps:

1. Identifying the risk (hurricane, flood, riot, nuclear disaster)
2. Preparing a plan to abate each risk
3. Preparing a contingency plan to abate the same risk by alternate means (bugging in/bugging out)
4. Testing theorized plans with drills, practice and real world applications. (Using your stored food supply to learn how to prepare it, distilling ocean water, starting a fire during the rainiest day)
5. Having a plan for post disaster. You are a rockstar! You survived the hurricane/ zombie outbreak/ three day long rioting! Now what? Have a disaster recovery plan to get back on your feet after an event.

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Keep aware of events unfolding around you, and listen to your gut- it is never wrong.

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