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In addition to being something you have to nag about to get taken out, a simple trash bag can be a valuable resource yet often not considered survival item. From an emergency rope to an impromptu medical item, read on to find 10 interesting ways you can use a trash bag that just may save your life.
1. Emergency Poncho. Staying warm and dry is essential to survival, and you never know when you could get stuck in a downpour, especially in the Pacific Northwest! Keeping a 55 gallon trash bag in your vehicle and backpack is a wise idea. All you have to do is cut a hole in the bottom of the bag, and then flip it on over yourself. If you have a smaller bag you can wear it over your head as a makeshift rain hat. Bonus: The trash bags will also keep in your body heat.
2. Mattress. Fill a trash bag with leaves to make a layer to keep you off the cold ground. You can also do the same to construct a pillow or even as a comfy seat cushion for sitting around the campfire.
3. Water. A trash bag can be tied around branches and left overnight. Condensation will collect from the leaves, drip into the bag, and you have fresh drinking water. Or you can line a ditch with one to collect rainwater. You can even fill one with water, hang it from a tree, poke holes in it and voila! You have a makeshift shower! If you let a black bag full of water sit in the sun all day, you will have the pleasure of a warm shower.
4. Emergency Rope. Cut a plastic bag into strips and braid that into a rope. You can attach items to your backpack, tie your extra food in a tree to keep away from predators, or hang your lantern from the tent poles for an impromptu game of blackjack.
5. Carrier. Read more here:

10 uses for a trash bag – Seattle Survival Skills | Examiner.com.

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