Apocalyptic Babes

    Well it seems in a lot of ads that I see whether its games or books, all have the post apocalyptic future featuring one thing in common. A hot babe! I know that sex sells and I’m sure that many of the ideas associated with these hot “chics” of asskicking abilities is to do just that, sell sell sell the product. I was pondering the other night on whether I really would want to be stuck with a babe in these tough times of daily survival.  First off there have been times I don’t want to be with a babe in this modern world as we know it! They usually require twice the time to get ready to go somewhere, they insist that I look just as good as they do even if we’re just going to the store, and the mere thought of “roughing” it for a weekend with friends in the wilderness for a sweet getaway full of hiking, swimming, and cooking around a campfire with a few brewskies  draws looks of nothing but pouty lips and anguish!

 May seem like I am being rough on the hot chicks, but I’m not! Actually ‘au contraire’ my friends! There are a few things not to be ignored or overlooked by the blessed chance of being stranded in the after world with a gorgeous babe by your side. A few benefits immediately come to mind such as :

1> Bartering. There actually could be something to be said about meeting with strangers and trying to trade for some goods with some beautiful eyes of your girl to do the talking, and maybe a little clevage if necessary! ( Doesn’t hurt just ask them, they get away with so much! ) Others may feel sad for her and be more willing to help. There are going to be a LOT of suckers just after the apocalypse happens my friends. I’m not saying seek these fools out, but it is definitely every man, and hot babe, for themself! (Only drawback could be that they want to trade for your girl! Always have your escape route planned, and definitely NEVER engage others without protection. )

2>There may be times, especially in the beginning, before people have become smarter about survival, when we may need to set a trap . Maybe someone is following or approaching from a distance for example. Having a beautiful babe sitting on a rock with protection hidden from view and within arms reach,  awaiting a stranger with you nearby would be a simple way to remain unseen and seem helpless or of less threat. Proper bush or tree cover from a short distance with a ready firearm and a clear line of site will be all you need to take the upper hand in a situation like this. People are taken aback by beauty , and we need to use this to our advantage! Only after the situation is in our favor with the upper hand having been gained through our surprise ambush can we then ascertain if  this a threat or possibly an ally to be gained. Some might say the ambush could be set anyway without the use of our babe, but I say use everything we can to our advantage , and counter that thinking with this:

“Beauty is an ecstacy; it is as simple as hunger. There is really nothing to be said about it.”
W. Somerset Maugham
3> A beautiful woman in your party can be a great way to get others to join your possee! Everyone will enjoy the eye candy, and they will do everything they can to protect her, because in the event you perish they think they will have a chance with her! This can bring allies to your cause for  survival in a time when strong, smart  friends will be needed.
4>Lets be honest here for a second. Beauty is not important in the least bit. But many a survivor will be dreaming and hating your name after they know what you get to snuggle up with to stay warm every night! In a world that will be rough and wild to say the least, it will be comforting and relaxing knowing you have a beautiful girl to share your downtime with,  Hah!
  Well I hope I have brought a little humor to the topic of apocalypse. We need it from time to time for sure! And I hope everyone realizes I was writing tongue in cheek as they say. But!!!! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we did have a babe that was a survival expert and trained in many survival techniques to aid in a world frought with dangers around every corner? I my friends am one of the lucky. My wife is prepared and a babe! She is sexy as heck , and I have joked many times with her over using her beauty to advertise in addition to her creative writing skills. I get to warm up to her every night, and I count my blessings to have a woman who is bright ,sexy, witty, and always ready should the crap hit the fan.
  So be prepared my friends. Be ready.  The post apocalyptic life will be more bearable if you do.  And should you ever be scouting for firewood and see a beatiuful babe sitting alone on a rock, know that you are already in my sights 🙂

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