How to use a pen for self defense

There are many places you cannot carry a firearm yet many places where surprise attacks occur. One of the best and low key devices you can always have on you for protection is a simple ballpoint pen.

A pen can ward off a would be attacker or be used in much more powerful ways. Simply hold the pen with your thumb firmly over the top end (where the eraser would be if it had one) and jab the attacker’s chest.

If the attacker continues you can use the pen in the same manner to gouge at an eye, throat or the groin, as many times as it takes to get away.
If an attacker has you in a hold, you can use the pen to stab at the hands and arms to break contact.

Jason Bourne used a regular old Bic pen to ward off an attack, but you could get a bit fancier and spend a few dollars more for a sturdier and smoother writing experience. And even the TSA allows ballpoints onto planes, just as long as the pens are not manufactures by a tactical weapons company such as Smith and Wesson, Colt or UZI.

Parker Jotter is a popular pen used by martial arts practitioners as a simple device for personal safety. It has a good feel to it and writes very smooth. Best of all? It looks just like a regular ballpoint pen.

There’s even a self defense pen geared especially for the Zombie apocalypse, and while you are waiting it doubles as a glass breaking tool- great to have if you live near or drive by water regularly.

Self defense can be achieved with any common item around you at any given time. Further reading on Self defense that does not require a bullet

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