Financing Your Apocalypse Preperation

If you’re as concerned with preparedness as I am, you’re certainly not alone. However, you might have felt held back by the financial aspect of such an enormous undertaking. Travel can be expensive, which is why it is so important to be financially savvy before you depart. These tips are all key ways to finance your travels.

Sell What You Don’t Need
One of the most obvious ways for you to quickly amass the finances needed to travel is by selling items that you already have and don’t need. While pieces of jewelry, new electronics or antiques might have a special place in your heart, this is one decision that can have serious rewards. Parting with items that are merely decorative and don’t have an impact on everyday life can be a simple way to afford your bunker building.

Limit or Eliminate Monthly Payments
One of the biggest limitations you have when it comes to long-term prepping. Since they have to be paid each month, escaping around the world might not seem feasible. Thankfully, there are some ways to reduce or even eliminate your monthly payments. Paying off credit card or student debt means no regular interest and principal payments each month. If you rent, try to sublet your home for the duration of your trips to cover your normal costs without abandoning your place for good. If you think you might be paying too month for your monthly car payments, then an auto refinance can be an effective way of paying less. Auto refinancing is an especially good choice if your credit score has recently changed as a result of your more frugal, prepping lifestyle.

Downsize Your Life
All too many people say that would love to prepare, but they simply can’t afford it. It is often those very same people that strike up a conversation about their new home, their personal training sessions at the gym or the newest smartphone that they just purchased. To afford this lifestyle you may need to make some serious cutbacks in your life. Rather than paying for a pricey gym membership, dust off your running shoes and see the neighborhood on your own two feet. Instead of heading to the movies each weekend, get a free membership to the library and check out the free books and movies available. You could even move to a smaller home with lower rent, a literal downsizing that puts more money in your preparation account each month.

Find Extra Sources of Income
Once you’ve reduced your expenses as much as possible, it might be time to think of ways to earn additional income. Even if you already have a career, you can seek out part-time opportunities. You might let friends know that you’re willing to babysit on the weekends, or you could pick up an extra shift at work each week.

Combine Work and Travel at the Same Time
Finally, you might want to rethink the way that you view preperation. Although a million dollar nuke proof bunker is your best chance at survival, a simple bunker may be more reasonable. Thankfully, you can work as you build, allowing you to finance your progress of the world.
Whatever your financial situation, Prepare for the worst. The key is prioritizing your expenses and finding new opportunities for income as well as saving.

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