Get The Gear & Get the Training

Staying prepared for a disaster situation requires more than just the the standard freeze-dried food kit. This challenge demands massive investment not only into  a solid food supply but ensuring that you you have the knowledge and training to succeeded in a the apocalypse.


In an apocalypse scenario more is required from the average person to survive than traditional disasters. This is why it is essential that you are able to perform these skills flawlessly as though they are second nature. An examples of such a skill is confined space rescue. Learning this can allow you to save many lives and understand how to mentally train for such an event.

90 Pages of life saving “MUST HAVE” information.

The The Hostile Environment Survival Manual covers many topics related to the survival in a difficult, remote and extreme environment. Whether you find yourself in an African city that is being besieged by rebel forces or rampaging child soldiers, or urban collapse has resulted in dirty water and lack of sanitation, you will know what to do in these circumstances.  Check out the ebook and courses HERE


The topic of gear is always a fun one. Gear tends to become an obsession amongst many preppers. Understanding some of the basics will help you develop your strategy and save you money. One essential that I would recommend is a tyvek suit. These cheap articles of clothing can save your life from biohazards. On the note of bio hazards one often overlooked way to prepare of apocalyptic conditions is upgrading your bunkers air filtrations system. MERV 13 air filters are a great direction to go.

Whatever you decide, it is time to step up your level of preparedness. The Apocalypse is coming. Are you ready?

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