5 Survival Situations Rock Climbing Skills can Prepare You For

Did you ever think that your hobby as a rock climber could save your life some day? It can. Rock climbing skills can also help you if you ever want to become a rescue worker in disaster zones. If someone is trapped in some rubble, you might have the skills necessary to dig them out and save his or her life.

You just never know when rock climbing skills might come in handy. It may be a slightly dangerous hobby, but it’s also exciting. You’ll get great exercise while enjoying the outdoors with the fresh air all around you. And you might be able to help some day if there is a major disaster near you. Consider these five survival situations where rock climbing skills can have you prepared.

  1. High Angle Rescue

High angle rescue involves rescues at angles at or greater than 60 degrees. This means that the rope supports the rescuer and the victim for the entire duration of the rescue. You will be used to this type of rescue thanks to your experiences as a rock climber. You know how to maneuver with ropes to make sure you have the right footing. And your comfort level will help the rescue efforts.

People trapped deep in piles of rubble need to be rescued with a high angle rescue. And there aren’t many rescuers trained in this type of victim recovery. You might have an advantage if you take a simple high angle rescue course. You will learn things much more quickly than your classmates due to your rock climbing background.

  1. Escape Flooding

What if your car gets trapped on a flooded roadway? You still need to escape to higher ground to make sure that you don’t get swept away in the flood waters. That’s where rock climbing skills can come in handy. You might not climb large mountains to escape floods, but you might have to climb to the top of your home and get on a boat. You’ll be glad to have those rock climbing skills then.

This sounds like a rare scenario, but it actually happens quite often. People who live near the Mississippi can tell you all about floods and how they can damage homes to the point where the people need to escape. People with rock climbing skills can certainly get to higher ground than people who can’t climb, so you want to give yourself an advantage.

  1. Rescue another Climber

If you’re out on the rocks, you might come upon a situation where you need to rescue another climber. People can fall and get hurt really badly when they go rock climbing. It could take a rescue team too much time to assist the person depending on how far away the team is located. If you’re in the area when someone falls, it’s up to you to rescue that person if you are comfortable doing so.

You might save someone’s life if you’re the only other climber in the area. If you’re comfortable with your own climbing skills, then you will have no problem lending someone else a hand when they need it the most. You can be the hero because you used your climbing skills to save someone’s life. The ease with which you can climb will be the determining factor in your success.

  1. Hazardous Sites

You might need to wear Tyvek suits to climb into hazardous areas to rescue someone. Many people are afraid of heights, and they are also afraid to enter zones where dangerous materials might be present. If you’re a rock climber, then you already have half of the equation solved. If you can put on Tyvek suits and help someone in need, then you will use your skills in a way you never thought possible.

If you don’t have the proper rock climbing skills, then you will get in the way of real rescuers that are trying to help the victim. But people with climbing skills can come in handy at terrible accident sites. Their courage and bravery will make all the difference in the lives of the people trapped in dangerous situations. And their heroics will not soon be forgotten by anyone involved in the rescue efforts.

  1. Fire Rescue

If your home catches on fire, you might not be able to make it up the stairs to rescue people inside. You might have to climb the outside of the house to get into the second floor. Some people would be too afraid to do this, but your rock climbing skills have you prepared for anything. You’ll be able to get the kids outside on to the roof so that they will breathe fresh air while they wait for firefighters to arrive. And you’ll also be able to save elderly people and pets. Rock climbing skills can make all the difference.

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