What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Disaster Preparedness


As the adult in the house, you know that you are responsible for preparing in the event of a disaster. You can read all of the guides in the world to learn about what to stock up on; however, that doesn’t mean you know how to talk your kids about disaster preparedness.

What They Already Know

Your children may already know more than you think they do. For example, if you live in an area that is often affected by tornadoes, teachers and administrators may have already covered what to do in the event that one of these emergencies arises. As a result, children have a sense of how powerful the storms are. You may wish to speak with the school to find out what your children have been taught, but you should also have open and honest conversations with your kids. Keeping some tips in mind when doing so will prove helpful.

Knowing What Disasters Are

Maybe your children are too young to have learned such lessons in school, or perhaps they did not fully comprehend the lesson when it was taught. While you don’t want to frighten your children, you do want to let them know what the reality of disasters is. As a result, you should teach them about the different problems that could emerge, especially ones that are particular to your area. At home, you can show them videos of destruction that the storms have caused so that they recognize how serious these problems are.

Plan an Escape Route

Some disasters preclude you from leaving the house, but other emergencies mean that you need to get out as soon as possible. For example, you should speak with your family about what to do in the event of a fire and where each of them should go. You should run a fire drill so that your children know where they should go, especially if they are confronted with a fire in the middle of the night. Make sure that everyone knows where the escape routes are from their bedrooms. You should also discuss safety for your pets in the event of a fire with your kids.

Maintaining Emergency Food and Water Supplies

When your kids are rummaging around the house looking for a snack or a drink, they may accidentally dip into the emergency food supply. If you never told them that these products were strictly for emergencies, then they would have no way of knowing that information. Therefore, you should let them know what those products are there for. Also, you should show your children how to prepare the foods for themselves. While you don’t want to think about your children being on their own, something could happen to you in a disaster or an emergency, and they may need to fend for themselves.

Teach Your Children Self-Sufficiency

The goal is for your entire family to stay together throughout the disaster. However, by its very nature, a disaster does not allow you to plan every detail so thoroughly. A time could come when you are split apart. You may also become seriously injured, and you need to let your children know what to do if that situation arises. Disasters do kill people, and that is a reality that you have to confront. Make sure that your children know how to call for help, how to keep themselves hydrated and how to avoid additional disasters in the event that they are alone at some point after the disaster has struck. Many people want to ignore this component because they don’t want to picture a disaster ever getting to that level, but it is possible for such a situation to occur.

Guides about the amount of water you should keep in the pantry or how to protect your house against disasters can’t tell you how to talk to your kids after the effects of a disaster.

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