The Upper Classes Guide to Surviving an Apocalypse

Disaster preparedness is something nearly anyone can become involved in. Should an apocalyptic event of some sort ever take place, only those who took the time to adequately prepare will have some tangible chance at survival and eventual life reconstruction. For the upper class, such preparedness can be even easier to achieve and maintain should such an unfortunate event take place. How does one become prepared when resources aren’t necessarily much of an obstacle? Here is your short guide to disaster preparedness for the upper class.

Prepare for Zombies

No matter your demographic, you are best advised to start with the basics in disaster prep first. Amusingly enough, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC offers a unique take on basic preparedness method: prepare like you are getting ready for zombies. That’s right. According to the CDC blog post entitled “ Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse”, if you are prepared for a zombie onslaught, you are pretty well prepared for any other real-world disaster. The basics in such prep include stocking up on the eight, crucial elements:




Tools and Supplies

Sanitation and Hygiene Items

Clothing and Bedding Supplies

Important Documents and Records

First Aid Supplies

Additional Prep Considerations

Zombie preparedness is just the beginning of the basic prep work that must be done for anyone to survive an apocalyptic event. Ample resources however can make the preparation possibilities expand dramatically from here. If this describes your situation, let’s take a look at some of the additional prep options that you may be fortunate enough to employ while others simply are not.

Establish Alternate Currency, Value

When a true disaster strikes, monetary trade value may eventually take on alternate forms as remaining members of society strive to establish survival-dependent commerce. This calls for thinking outside of printed money. Many consider stocking up on precious metals, alcohol, and even items such as batteries for trade value at such times.

Establish a Safe Zone, Fortifications

The ways in which people prep their homes and properties for possible disaster can range quite greatly. From separate, underground facilities to hidden safe rooms within the home, if you can imagine a fortification method, it can be designed and implemented. Some also choose to simply add on features to their pre-existing homes that can later be activated in cases of impending emergency.

Plan Communication Methods

If disaster strikes, one of the most valuable things anyone may have is an instrument with which communications, news, and events can be received or transmitted. Something as simple as an am/fm radio may serve some here while others invest in much more tech-savvy options such as satellite phone and high-range communications equipment.

Vice Preparation

Those with limited resources are often constrained to the basics of our aforementioned, basic zombie preparedness approaches. Those without such restrictions though are able to stock up on and prepare one area of provision that is certainly a luxury to have in an emergency – a full supply of personally significant vices. Vices often prepped here include, alcohol, tobacco products, vape liquid kit and refills, games, and other forms of feel-good entertainment and relaxation. Anyone well-stocked in this area is certainly far more fortunate and set for comfort in case of troubled times.


Preparing for disaster can actually be a somewhat enjoyable activity that, in the end, provides an impeccable bit of peace of mind and comfort in case of any events that may occur. Members of the upper class are even better off to make such preparations and do so quite extensively. By following the basic outlines of this short guide, those without common resource limitations may go on to provide a safe, secure, and relatively comfortable guarantee of life continuance for themselves and their families alike.

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